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Understanding Edible Dosages

Making the Most of Your Edibles

We all love our edibles but they are notorious for taking much longer to take effect, resulting in many people making the mistake of taking more too soon and everything hits all at once. (I am personally guilty of this!).

Thankfully, edibles come pre-dosed which means the packaging already tells you how much THC it contains.No matter how much edibles you take, wait at least 45-90 minutes to an hour before you decide to top up. Edibles have to pass through the digestive system in order for the cannabinoids to reach the bloodstream, whereas smoking and vaporizing go directly to the lungs.

1 – 2.5mg THC: This dose is considered a microdose. Seasoned cannabis consumers take low doses regularly to stay focused and productive. You can also expect mild pain and stress relief, while getting a jolt of creativity and focus. This does will also help those who suffer from social anxiety disorders.

2.5 – 15mg THC: For those struggling with persistent insomnia, stress, pain, and other ailments, this dose is recommended. You can expect stronger symptom relief as well as blissful feelings.

15 – 30mg THC: Only recommended for seasoned cannabis users. This dosage is also for patients who struggle with extreme, treatment-resistant insomnia because it will deliver an intense head and body high that is sure to lull you to sleep.

30 – 50mg THC: Individuals who struggle with gastrointestinal disorders that may affect how they metabolize cannabinoids, as well as individuals who have a high tolerance to THC, are ideal consumers for this type of dosage. With this high dosage, you can expect strong euphoria and extreme relaxation.

As with any medication, please consult your doctor before consuming cannabis. We also do not recommend driving or operating machinery while using cannabis.