CBD/CBN Bedtime Blueberry Gummies



These gummies contain CBD, CBG and CBN.  They are vegan. There is nothing intoxicating in these gummies.

CBG is a natural antioxidant and has neuroprotective effects supporting healthy brain function while enhancing mental clarity and focus. CBD is rich in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties helping with pain, inflammation, and balancing your body’s system. Designed by nature, CBN is a non-habit forming chemical that could aid occasional insomnia and supports restful nights.

Our premium hemp gummies are an all natural and hemp-derived cannabinoids formula for a more balanced and resilient you. Designed to support everyday stress and recovery, the hemp gummies will help you have a better wellness routine with a one step natural remedy. Nurture your body and mind for an increased mental clarity, better mood, less stress, and restful sleep.


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I packet, 3 packets


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