Revivify carefully blends Delta 8-THC, CBD, caffeine and Chinese Horsetail to create a tablet to help with symptoms of PMS and other aches and pain while giving you energy.




Finally, a PMS tablet designed for women BY women! These tablets are full of the things you need to make the day better even when your calendar says it’s going to suck. Each tablet contains 5mg D8, 25mg CBD, 400mg Chinese Horsetail, 25mg Caffeine, and 50mg Zinc monohydrate).  These tablets make even your predictably worst days feel better. Treat yourself because you know everyone relies on you to be your best, even when you are not. We recommend you use these 2 times a day beginning three days before your calendar says it’s gonna suck tomorrow.

The combination of ingredients relieve your symptoms without intoxicating effects so you can be your best under any circumstance!

Note from the CEO:  I use these tablets for headaches!

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2 Tablet Sample Pack, 25 Tablet Full Size Bottle


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